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SEMI S2 Certification

This AMR has passed the SEMI S2 (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Protection Standard) certification, which reduces the safety risk of semiconductor equipment, improves the operator’s work safety in operation, and effectively reduces production costs.

Autonomous Navigation

  • Multi-sensor design, automatic path planning, can meet the needs of different fields

  • Self-developed visual AI, more accurate judgment

Integration Services

  • AMR devices can be combined with the existing hardware facilities in the field, such as elevators, automatic doors and other facilities, to adapt to different business processes

  • AMR line control system is connected with existing MES/CWS/WMS

Custom Task Path

  • Customized route and mission maps allow you to design your route flexibly

  • Special narrow path, can plan automatic car meeting

Dynamic Map

  • Instant map updates across floors

  • Area control

Exclusion of Emergencies

  • When the map is marked as a no-go zone, the new route is updated immediately

  • Automatically avoid the account, and automatically change the route when encountering obstacles, which is safer

Multiple charging modes

  • Automatically return to the charging station when the battery is low

  • Force return to charging


Smart Shelf

Flexible design
  • Customized shelves to meet the needs of the field


Improve efficiency
  • Provide goods-to-person solution solution, cooperate with intelligent management system and AMR to transport shelves to picking workstation, avoid invalid walking time for personnel

  • Built-in RFID tag scanning function to avoid wrong material delivery


Information transparency

  • Battery/Signal Alert Display


Charging Station

Intelligent design
  • Fully automatic charging station, no manual operation required.

  • AMR will automatically go to the charging station to charge according to the working status and the remaining power.

Multiple situational charging modes
  • With automatic charging and manual charging charging mode, to meet the charging needs in different situations

Safe and secure power design
  • It has self-protection functions such as input overvoltage protection, input undervoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overtemperature protection.