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Smart Meter / Smart Meter Communication Hub

The Internet of Things is the next Industrial Revolution with significant repercussions across the businesses
and our day-to-day lives.

From Home automation to Smart Meter Communication hub (Electricity, Water, Gas Meter) to Smart
Meeting, Compal’s robust experience across the ecosystem fueled our partnerships with a number of
companies specialize in communications transfer, sensors, software, and other key components of IoT.
Our experts offer top-notch, comprehensive and customized support for your projects from end-to-end.

Smart Glass

A wearable device is perhaps one of the most personal of all.

At Compal, we have been monitoring the evolution of wearable technology, to understand how the market is
changing to meet today's digital lifestyles. Our experience in delivering wearables for some of the top brands
means we understand the craftsmanship and detail needed to create a desirable personal device.
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