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Autonomous Navigation

  • Multi-sensor design, automatic path planning, can meet the needs of different fields

  • Self-developed visual AI, more accurate judgment

Integration Services

  • AMR devices can be combined with the existing hardware facilities in the field, such as elevators, automatic doors and other facilities, to adapt to different business processes

  • AMR line control system is connected with existing MES/CWS/WMS

Custom Task Path

  • Customized route and mission maps allow you to design your route flexibly

  • Special narrow path, can plan automatic car meeting

Dynamic Map

  • Instant map updates across floors

  • Area control

Exclusion of Emergencies

  • When the map is marked as a no-go zone, the new route is updated immediately

  • Automatically avoid the account, and automatically change the route when encountering obstacles, which is safer

Multiple charging modes

  • Automatically return to the charging station when the battery is low

  • Force return to charging



Charging Station

Intelligent design
  • Fully automatic charging station, no manual operation required.

  • AMR will automatically go to the charging station to charge according to the working status and the remaining power.

Multiple situational charging modes
  • With automatic charging and manual charging charging mode, to meet the charging needs in different situations

Safe and secure power design
  • It has self-protection functions such as input overvoltage protection, input undervoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overtemperature protection.